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Dry Steam Extraction 

If you want great quality carpet cleaning for your home, you can't beat our new Dry Steam cleaning process.  With our Dry Steam cleaning process it makes an excellent choice for heavily stained or soiled carpet.  The most amazing feature  with Dry Steam cleaning is that there is virtually no drying time!  When we have finished cleaning your carpet, it is dry and ready for normal use within 1 to 2 hours.  There are simply no downfalls compared to the regular steam cleaning methods.

Our  process utilizes equipment that applies the cleaning solution  as a “sheet” rather than a jet spray  allowing controlled penetration of the fiber without wetting the carpet backing but at the same time a soft cylindrical brush scrubs the carpet, our solutions encapsulate the dirt and the machine immediately extracts the dirt, removing spots and most of the moisture from the carpet .  Excessive amounts of water are applied by regular steam cleaning systems which can damage some carpet fibers.  It can also cause color bleeding, shrinkage, and browning as well as a mold or mildew problem.  Carpets require more time to dry which can also cause an odor problem because of the lack of air flow in the drying process.

Because of the nature of our cleaning process I have no problem recommending our Dry Steam Cleaning method with our encapsulation technology and I don't hesitate in telling you that when cleaning your carpets with this method it gets great results.  I know when you see the results on your carpets that you will be absolutely thrilled.