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Ancaster Carpet Cleaning 

Our Ancaster Carpet Cleaning  services include the  surrounding communities of Copetown, Jerseyville, Alberton and Carluke. Our work hours are from Monday to Saturday  running daytime and evening appointments to serve our customers needs.

Carpet Cleaning Should Be a Regular Routine

Carpets that are manufactured today are made to stop the stains from absorbing into the fabric as well as hide the dirt.  You should vacuum the carpet frequently because if this dirt is left in the carpet it can cause permanent damage.  In addition to regular vacuuming, you can get rid of the washable dirt by deep cleaning the carpet every year to eighteen months. 

Washable dirt is a combination of vapors from cooking, polluted air from outside, and dirt that is brought in on your feet. The washable dirt that is deposited in the carpet will cause the colors to become dull and faded. The color of your carpet is not lost; it is just hidden under the dirt that is coating the carpet.  By allowing this dirt to stay on the carpet, it starts to work like a magnet. 

Consider using the carpet cleaning services of Bubbles and Suds before the dirt starts to show on the carpets.  Allowing this condition to remain will shorten the life of your carpets and will make the job of cleaning them more difficult.  A regular carpet cleaning program will get the carpet cleaner.  This helps to maintain their beauty.   

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

With the recent advancements in carpet cleaning technology, we use two distinct methods of carpet cleaning.  One method is dry foam extraction and the other is dry steam cleaning.  We feel they do a better job than regular steam cleaning and the biggest advantage is that most carpets dry within 1 to 2 hours.  We get many compliments and most people are thrilled with the results.

In addition, the cleaning solutions we use incorporate a carpet cleaning technology called Encapsulation, which does an excellent job of removing spots and stains.  The carpets stay clean for a longer timeframe and there is no sticky residue left in the carpet.

The most common method of carpet cleaning that most people are familiar with is Steam Cleaning.  This method injects hot water into the carpet under pressure and extracts the dirty water.  It has gotten good results but some of the drawbacks of regular steam cleaning are that it leaves the carpet too wet.  This leaves the possibility of mold and mildew developing.  In addition, if you have carpets with pet stains or hair regular steam cleaning will not remove all the hair and stains will reappear frequently because of wicking.

With our upholstery cleaning we also use a low moisture method.  This method employs continuous flow technology to remove the dirt from the furniture and leaving it to dry within one to two hours.   With any method of cleaning using low moisture you will find it much healthier which is very important for todays lifestyles.



Tips to Make Your Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaning and maintenance is one of the most important things you can do in your home.  Most people are not aware that a carpet can hold its own weight in dirt and they are designed to hide the appearance of dirt.  With improvements in carpet cleaning technology there are great carpet cleaning products that are made to release the dirt in the carpet and leave the carpet dirt and stain free.

There are three main carpet-cleaning methods and they each have their own benefits.  There is no "one right method" but some carpet cleaning companies will lead you to believe that you will destroy your carpets if you do not follow their method.  This article will attempt to point out some of the advantages in all three.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is more commonly known as steam cleaning.  Extremely hot water, which is mixed with a carpet cleaning solution, is injected into the carpet under pressure and extracted along with the dirt and other contaminants.  A second application is made to rinse any residue from the carpet.  This method will also disinfect the carpet.

With the quantity of water used, you will find that moisture will get into the backing of the carpet as well as the underpad.  With carpets taking hours and in some cases days to dry there are risks of mold and mildew forming.  This has many health implications as well.

Dry Powder Method

With this method, a carpet-cleaning technician spreads absorbent granules mixed with dry cleaning solvent onto the carpet.  These granules are brushed into the carpet either manually or with a machine.  After allowing a short time for the granules to work on the carpet, they are removed by vacuuming.  Some advantages are that the carpet is ready to use almost immediately.  You can clean delicate and non-colorfast carpets easily.

It is sometimes difficult to remove all granules with this method and you do not always get great results with heavily soiled carpets.

Dry Foam Method

This is one of the oldest methods of carpet cleaning and many companies use this method.  Low moisture foam is applied to the carpet and agitated by a cylindrical brush.  The foam carpet cleaning solution separates the dirt from the carpet fiber and surrounds it to prevent the dirt from reattaching to the carpet.  The brush will lift the carpet pile and the machine will extract the dirt.  With the brush cleaning to the base of the carpet and the use of the proper solutions the carpet is restored to its original color.  Most carpets will dry very quickly which prevents the danger of mold or mildew forming.

With all the research and development into carpet cleaning methods and solutions there is more information coming forward about the disadvantages of wet carpet cleaning methods and the advantages of low moisture, dry carpet cleaning methods.  With any method of carpet cleaning you will get the best results because of the skill and experience of the technician.    Their expertise will get the carpet cleaner.